Attack on Titan


Attack on Titan is originally known as Shingeki no Kyojin in Japan. As an anime, Attack on Titan achieves a great success in commerce and the cosplaying field. It has gained fame not only from Japan, China but also from Europe and America.

The costumes in Attack on Titan are becoming more and more popular to new cosplayers. As a must-have for Attack on Titanfans, Shingeki no KyojinEren Jaeger Cosplay Costume is in a full set which includes the top, inner tunic , waist towel, pants and straps.

Armin Arlart and Mikasa AckermanCosplay Costumes, available for women, will cost you for more than 100 dollars for each.

If you do not need a full set but a plain jacket instead, for Attack on Titan ShingekinoKyojin, there are the Garrison Jacket Costume, the Military Police Brigade Jacket Costume and Recon Corps Scouting Legion Jacket Costume tailor made with your own measurements.

If you have enough of those classic Attack on Titan costumes, why not try out Eren Jaeger New Long Coat Costume? 

Now are you ready for the Attack on Titan?